China Sustainability Leaders Council (Member-only)

Methodologies for Accounting and Valuing ESG impacts China Sustainability Leaders Council (Member-only)

An increasing number of companies are focusing on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives and recent years have seen a huge growth in ESG reporting, resulting in an explosion of voluntary standards to which companies can report. One major consequence is that organisations are now facing scrutiny on their ESG accounting and reporting practices. Another is that these same companies are frustrated as to how best to report their performance in a clear way that delivers credibility to shareholders, investors and stakeholders alike.

Understandably, there are calls to address this fragmentation and lack of comparability among these competing initiatives with the ultimate goal of achieving a uniform set of standards for measuring a company’s progress on sustainability along the lines currently done for financial reporting.

In this meeting, Members will explore how to make sense of the accounting and valuation methodologies of ESG impacts and whether companies need to integrate ESG considerations when preparing their financial statements. They will hear from guest speakers who will discuss whether ESG programs impact company value and how valuation impacts can be measured. Members will be invited to discuss considerations companies need to take to allow this valuation impact to be reported and whether ESG assets will be logged on balance sheets one day, just as intangible assets like ‘goodwill’ and ‘IP’ are stated.

Minji Xie
China Center Researcher
The Conference Board
Harry Broadman
Chair of Governing Council
The ESG Exchange
Pedar Duffy
Chair of Technical Committee
The ESG Exchange
Jeremy Nicholls
Expert of Practice Group
The ESG Exchange
Carolyn Chalmers
The ESG Exchange
Carmen Ng
SquareWell Partners
Douglas Johnson
Associate Director
PwC China
Date and Time: 19 October 2022 3:00 pm CST

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