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What Do Shareholders Propose?
25 March 2024 What Do Shareholders Propose?

A comprehensive review of all shareholder proposals related to Environmental, Social, and Governance topics since 2022. Plus, the “Anti-ESG” movement.

Institutional Views on DDL Capitali
31 January 2024 Institutional Views on DDL Capitali

Italy is one step closer to approving the new Capital Markets Bill (or DDL Capitali) which introduces a number of significant changes to the regulatory framework to improve the “competitiveness” of its capital markets. SquareWell reviews the three amendments that may be of most interest to the international governance community.

Activists Go BIG
19 December 2023 Activists Go BIG

Post-Pandemic Activism: Restrictions Lifted

Stewardship in AQTION
15 November 2023 Stewardship in AQTION

AQTION, a SquareWell brand, published its inaugural review of how the world's largest 65 investors are evaluating environmental, social, and governance issues and stewarding their porfolios. Together, these investors manage nearly $81 trillion in assets.


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