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Our investor-focused advice, grounded in precedent and facts, facilitates a strategic and tactical approach to delivering an integrated "Equity Story" that resonates with all relevant stakeholders.

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Focus on What Matters SquareWell Partners ranks as a top advisor for activist situations according Bloomberg (2023) SquareWell Partners launches the AQTION platform on its 5th Anniversary AVAILABLE NOW: SquareWell Partners publishes its inaugural “What Do Shareholders Propose?”

Independent Positioning to Align with Client Objectives

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SquareWell’s unique positioning is defined by our independent focus on client objectives. This enables our approach to be agile to demand, and strategic to the needs of our clients.

Market-leading advice to active investors has complemented long-term trusted corporate relationships to carve out SquareWell’s key role in many successful activism defense situations.

Governance Advisory

Fit for Purpose Governance Structure

Environmental & Social Intelligence

Focus on Strategic Materiality

Shareholder Engagement

Enhancement Through Alignment

Activism – Corporate Transactions

Shareholder-first Approach

Strategic Communications

Build a Narrative with Impact

Companies must communicate an integrated “equity story” centered on the strength of their governance and addressing sustainability megatrends, with the aim of attracting strategically engaged investors.

Our Approach

Applied by our dedicated team, and underpinned by our values, SquareWell's approach is agile and strategic to clients.

The fundamental beginning of our approach is research and analysis. This initial phase serves as a framework to define focus and drive efficiency in decision-making. Providing the market view, SquareWell supports in effective communication of these decisions. It is our approach to solving problems, and our dedication, that defines us.  We focus on what matters!

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What Do Shareholders Propose?
25 March 2024 What Do Shareholders Propose?

A comprehensive review of all shareholder proposals related to Environmental, Social, and Governance topics since 2022. Plus, the “Anti-ESG” movement.

Institutional Views on DDL Capitali (Updated)
11 July 2024 Institutional Views on DDL Capitali (Updated)

Italy is one step closer to approving the new Capital Markets Bill (or DDL Capitali) which introduces a number of significant changes to the regulatory framework to improve the “competitiveness” of its capital markets. SquareWell reviews the three amendments that may be of most interest to the international governance community.

Activists Go BIG
19 December 2023 Activists Go BIG

Post-Pandemic Activism: Restrictions Lifted

Stewardship in AQTION
15 November 2023 Stewardship in AQTION

AQTION, a SquareWell brand, published its inaugural review of how the world's largest 65 investors are evaluating environmental, social, and governance issues and stewarding their porfolios. Together, these investors manage nearly $81 trillion in assets.

2023 Client Memo: “ESG” in a Recession & Beyond
28 February 2023 2023 Client Memo: “ESG” in a Recession & Beyond

In last year’s Client Memo, titled “Reframing ESG”, SquareWell Partners (“SquareWell”) looked to reframe the term Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) by putting the role of governance back in the spotlight and dissociating it from the two megatrend “Environmental” and “Social” issues. We argued that “Governance” should be viewed as the means of facing environmental and social risks and opportunities, not as an isolated element from this effort. This push was widely welcomed by the various market players ranging from academia to institutional investor

What’s Been Said on Climate and the Changing Climate on Investor Behavior
17 January 2023 What’s Been Said on Climate and the Changing Climate on Investor Behavior

Despite the politicization of the topic in certain jurisdictions, investors have played a key role in ensuring that portfolio companies focus on tackling challenges presented by climate change. To this end, investors have been using different tools to enact change at portfolio companies, including engaging with investee companies, divesting from certain companies or sectors; submitting climate-related shareholder proposals; and incorporating climate change considerations in voting decisions at shareholder meetings.

2022: The Playing Field
25 October 2022 2022: The Playing Field

A look at how the world's largest asset managers (collectively managing close to $60 trillion) approach ESG, engagement with companies and activist campaigns from hedge funds.

Institutional Investors' Approach to Corporate Governance in Japan
31 May 2022 Institutional Investors' Approach to Corporate Governance in Japan

Institutional investment strategies in global markets are categorized increasingly in a binary fashion: active and passive. These terms reveal the underlying attributes of an investment to the market and to portfolio companies, including how a shareholder will manage its stake, and therefore how it is likely to engage with companies on important strategic matters.

The Progress Group

Driving progress by sharing knowledge and experience with the market.

We believe that all stakeholders in the financial market can drive progress and positive change. In particular, we think that when diverse stakeholders participate in thoughtful discussion and debate, great ideas are generated. That is why we consider it imperative that stakeholders have opportunities to come together, discuss issues, and share their knowledge and experience with the market.

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