Systemic Risk on the Ballot

Shareholder Commons tallies systemic risk-related proposals in companies, while ESG resolutions are set to decrease in this year’s AGM season in the US. 26 March 2024 Systemic Risk on the Ballot

Vibeka Mair of ESG Investor recently penned an article that referenced SquareWell’s latest Insight called “What Do Shareholders Propose?”.

The article discusses the rise of shareholder proposals addressing systemic risks within companies, highlighted by a report from NGO Shareholder Commons. It notes a shift in investor focus towards considering the broader impacts of business operations on systemic frameworks supporting the economy. Carmen Ng from SquareWell Partners suggests the drop in ESG proposals could be due to various factors, including improved sustainability practices or the politicization of ESG issues. Ali Saribas, also from SquareWell, observes a rise in proposals that superficially align with ESG values but aim to undermine them.

You can read the full article here.


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