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What is the Future for the Relationships between Investors, Asset Managers & Companies CFA Institute: ESG

As institutional investors are willing to make their voice bolder on behalf of the interests they represent and as the regulation is evolving with the Loi Pacte, shareholder rights are likely to become a key hot topic for the coming months.

The panel organized by CFA Institute will cover the the current institutional landscape, will debate on the future relationships between institutional investors, asset managers and corporates with regards to the new dialogue to be established and the best practices to be implemented. The speakers will have the opportunity to assess the risks and benefits for investors in engaging on strategic decisions with corporates in a more transparent way.

This is event is part II of the CFA Society France ESG Serie, organized last March, and a great opportunity to learn more about the future of relationships between investors and corporates.

The event will be in French (English questions are welcome).

Patrice Courty
Moneta AM
Loïc Dessaint
Edouard Dubois
SquareWell Partners
Location: 14 Rue Bergère, 75009, Paris, France
Date and Time: 15 October 2019 6:30 pm CEST

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