Governance in Corporate Germany

A Look at Germany's Corporate Governance Scorecard and What's Ahead for 2020 for Corporate Germany Governance in Corporate Germany

The Society of Investment Professionals in Germany, DVFA, annually publishes the Corporate Governance Scorecard to allow investment professionals to get an objective snapshot of a company’s corporate governance practices and disclosures vis-à-vis their German peers. The Scorecard, previously just focused on the DAX30 companies, has now been expanded to cover MDAX companies for the first time in 2019.

On the webinar, SquareWell wanted to provide the opportunity for German companies to get a better understanding of the Corporate Governance Scorecard (which has been undertaken by Governance & Values) as well as discuss the key areas that German corporates should be focusing on in 2020 as we notice an increased appetite by institutional investors to enact change at their portfolio companies.

Alexander Juschus
Managing Partner
Governance & Values
Kay Bommer
Executive Director
Hendrik Schmidt
Assistant Vice President
DWS Investments
Vineet Chhibber
Executive Director
J.P. Morgan Asset Management
Date and Time: 21 January 2020 2:00 pm CET

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