2022: The Conference Board (Member-only)

Roundtable on Say-on-Climate: Shareholder Voting on Climate Action Plan 2022: The Conference Board (Member-only)

Say-on-Climate proposals – which call for companies to conduct an advisory shareholder vote on the firm’s climate strategy – grew in both number and support. But will the initiative continue to garner interest in 2022 and beyond, or fizzle out?

The event, which was is an exclusive member-only roundtable, aims to help companies understand what a Say-on-Climate is, get a status update on who’s doing it, and gain perspectives on whether Say-on-Climate is here to stay.

Jocelyn Brown
Head of Governance, ex-US
T.Rowe Price
Giuseppe Bresin
Head of Climate Stewardship
HSBC Global Asset Management
Carmen Ng
ESG Analyst
SquareWell Partners
Ali Saribas
SquareWell Partners
Date and Time: 02 March 2022 10:00 am CET

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