Team Changes within the Activism Space

Edouard Dubois comments to the Activist Insight regarding his move to SquareWell Partners 05 March 2020 Team Changes within the Activism Space

In its March 2020 issue, Activist Insight covered the key personnel moves within the Activism Landscape. Highlighting Edouard Dubois’s move from BlackRock to SquareWell, Activist Insight interviewed Edouard Dubois where he commented: “Having worked at the world’s largest asset manager, I can comfortably say that increased stewardship activities are reshaping the relationships between companies and their shareholders, with traditional investors not only opposing resolutions or supporting activist hedge funds, but also acting like activists themselves if need be.” Edouard Dubois added that “Directors are more and more held responsible for their decisions, from executive pay to succession planning but also for their oversight of ESG issues such as climate change.”

You can access Activist Insight’s March 2020 issue here (subscription required).


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