2021 Challenges for French Companies

Vinci, Atos, and Total will propose a resolution on the climate for the first time. 08 April 2021 2021 Challenges for French Companies

Laurence Boisseau of Les Echos writes about the upcoming challenges for French companies. Apart from focusing executive pay packages and director elections, shareholders will be for the first time voting three “Say On Climate” proposals at Vinci, Total and Atos. As Laurence Boisseau describes it, the idea is as follows: as with the annual vote on executive pay (the “Say On Pay”), shareholders will get to vote on a company’s progress and the measures it has taken to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. “Say on Climate” proposals are gaining traction globally, though its efficacy is yet to be determined.

Louis Barbier comments to Laurence Boisseau that director elections will continue to be of focus for shareholders this year, especially at companies that have been hit hard by COVID-19 and performed weaker than peers. Louis Barbier also highlights that a directors external commitments will also come into focus as shareholders want their board representatives to have enough time to effectively oversee management.

The full article can be accessed here (in French, requires subscription).


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