Activism in Japan

Reuters cites SquareWell's latest insight "Activism in Japan: Appreciating Differences to Unlock Value " 21 April 2020 Activism in Japan

In an article by Reuters covering the story of Asset Value Investors (AVI) investing around $75 million in SoftBank, SquareWell’s latest Insight “Activism in Japan: Appreciating Differences to Unlock Value” is referrenced.

AVI’s investment in SoftBank is cited to be due to the size of the buyback and a nearly $3 billion position taken by Elliott Management. SoftBank “may not be an attractive long-term investment for investors such as ourselves. Right now, it’s a special situation opportunity on a massive discount,” said Joe Bauernfreund, Chief Executive of AVI, in the Reuters Article.

You can access the full article using this link and our Insight using this link.


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