Investors Less Hesitant to Voice Concerns Publicly

L'AGEFI, France's leading investment journal, covers SquareWell's latest study on the asset management landscape 02 October 2019 Investors Less Hesitant to Voice Concerns Publicly

Bruno de Roulha of L’AGEFI covers SquareWell’s latest study on the largest asset managers approach to ESG, stewardship and engagement.

As the study points out, almost all of the asset managers (96%) reviewed, weighing more than $ 50.6 trillion under management, have signed the PRI (responsible investment principles). Nevertheless, sustainably managed assets were $ 30.7 trillion last year, according to The Global Sustainable Investment Association’s (GSIA). This is a gap suggests that either the PRI signatories do not respect their commitments, or the GSIA strongly underestimates the sustainable assets.

Another topic covered in the study, as well as in the article, is the fact that the asset managers are very attentive to demands of activist funds. Only 20% of asset managers reviewed by SquareWell have systematically supported businesses targeted by activists. And even a quarter of managers have not hesitated to publicly express their dissatisfaction with companies since January 2018. “Investors are more and more vocal and do not hesitate to defend their positions, sometimes under the pressure of their underlying clients who ask for concrete commitments” comments Edouard Dubois.

2020 – SquareWell – 2021 ESG Trends

You can access the full article here (in French, subscription required)


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