SquareWell Partners Launches AQTION

SquareWell celebrates its fifth anniversary with the launch of AQTION to enable all publicly-listed companies to access an intuitive tool to better manage their relationships with institutional investors. 15 November 2023 SquareWell Partners Launches AQTION

On our fifth anniversary, SquareWell launched the AQTION platform.

AQTION seeks to take the first step towards SquareWell’s mission of providing companies with transparency on their institutional shareholders and a tool to manage these relationships directly. As uncovered in its inaugural “Stewardship in AQTION” StudyHow The World’s Largest 65 Investors Steward Their Portfolio Companies, the need to understand how stewardship decisions are made is as important as understanding how investment decisions are made. 55 of the Top 65 investors have a dedicated stewardship team, of which 32 collaborate with fund managers in stewarding their assets.

Addressing this need, however, is becoming increasingly difficult with the drive for differentiation. 58 of the Top 65 investors have adopted their own bespoke guidelines as to how companies should be evaluated on their environmental, social, and governance practices and disclosures. The increasing level of differentiation translates to a greater challenge for companies to keep up, and is coupled by the growing willingness for investors to communicate on all topics – 40 of the Top 65 investors published specific expectations on key environmental and social topics, ranging from biodiversity to supply chain risk to cybersecurity.

With up-to-date and reliable information collected on over 650 institutional investors from 31 markets, AQTION is built to provide companies from any industry or country with actionable investor insights on environmental, social, and governance topics. Furthermore, AQTION’s over 2,000 stewardship and responsible investment contacts means that companies now have the opportunity to reach key decision-makers to engage with no filter on such topics. More specifically, companies will easily be able to:

  1. Understand their shareholder audience – AQTION presents a comprehensive view of investors on a broad range of “ESG” topics ranging from Capital Allocation to Climate Action, helping companies to anticipate issues and prioritize efforts ahead of time.
  2. Approach decision makers at shareholders directly – AQTION enables companies to gain direct and efficient access to relevant decision-makers on ESG and proxy voting matters, avoiding cost and administrative hurdles, and reducing third-party involvement.
  3. Leverage internal knowledge on shareholders – AQTION supports companies to quickly log interactions with shareholders to make institutional knowledge accessible to all departments, allowing for smooth collaboration amongst teams, alongside better management of shareholder relationships.

The 100% cloud-based platform means round-the-clock access to all users who can work independently and gain unfiltered insight on their investors’ expectations and engagements. AQTION is currently being launched in beta version.

For more information, visit AQTION’s website – www.aqtion-platform.com.

Access the press release here.


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