Shareholder Activism in Australia

SquareWell's Activisim Survey referenced in the half-yearly Australian magazine Listed@ASX 21 October 2019 Shareholder Activism in Australia

A 2019 survey conducted by SquareWell Partners assessing the current landscape of activism and active managers was mentioned in an article explaining how the Australian market is ripe for activism and what companies should look out for in the future . Poorly governed companies are more likely to lose against an activist, and those companies that continue to take a proactive approach towards governance and engagement are better positioned to withstand shareholder scrutiny. Michael Chandler, Managing Director of Sovereign Governance Advisory, states that “it remains to be seen whether Australia will require the scale of public activist campaigning that is now characteristic of other offshore capital markets.”

You can find a link to the article directly here.

Alternatively, you can find the complete magazine here.


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