BlackRock Receives a Shareholder Resolution

Edouard Dubois, Partner, comments to Board Agenda on how investors face pressure to deliver on stewardship commitments 18 December 2019 BlackRock Receives a Shareholder Resolution

As You Sow has filed a resolution asking BlackRock to prepare a statement to demonstrate how they are shifting from their focus on shareholders to their new commitment to stakeholders. Edouard Dubois, Partner, states that “As the largest asset management company in the world and a prominent listed company, BlackRock is in a very challenging position and will face scrutiny from all its stakeholders”. BlackRock frequently attracts criticism for its policies given the values its chief executive promotes in public statements. Dubois states that “In light of the increased transparency (through vote disclosures), investors are subject to pressure to showcase that they are good stewards of the assets they manage.”

You can find the full article here.


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