Clarity from Boards Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Investors are calling for greater clarity from boards as the coronavirus crisis wreaks havoc on the markets and upends financial guidance and AGMs. 03 April 2020 Clarity from Boards Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Angharad Carrick from CityAM covers the Guidance published by SquareWell where close to 20 institutional investors participated, managing over $7 trillion in assets.

Investors are expecting more communication, whether through public disclosures or direct contact with management. According to Squarewell’s data, as of 26 March more than a third of US and European Fortune 100 companies have communicated to the market the impact of Covid-19. Some investors have highlighted the lack of communication coming from companies during the coronavirus but “the request for clarity should not be confused with a request for detail – there is an understanding that these are fluid times,” according to the Guidance published by SquareWell.

The Article, which you can access using the following link, also touches upon the topic of dividends and general meetings being postponed or held online.


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