Where Do Investors Stand on ESG?

Global challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity and societal inequalities, have led to a shift in investor behaviour. 25 May 2021 Where Do Investors Stand on ESG?

Estelle Guichard pens an article for Ethical Boardroom’s latest issue. In her article titled “Where Do Investors Stand on ESG?”, Estelle notes that the economic shift to overcome global issues has increased the demands from almost all market forces, with part of the accountability falling on the shoulders of those that provide capital.
Consequently, asset managers are increasingly integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into portfolio considerations and to become forceful stewards of their investments.

SquareWell Partners’ annual study of 50 of the world’s largest asset managers, aims to bring to light how these asset managers are approaching some of the most prominent issues in today’s global financial market.1 Below we highlight some of the key findings from the study that is relevant for board members to consider: (1) ESG Becoming Mainstream; (2) Incorporation of E&S topics into voting policies; (3) Public positions on EGS topics; (4) ESG reporting standards; and (5) ESG ratings – the new influencer in town.

Ethical Boardroom’s latest issue can be accessed here.


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