Activist Investors Step Up Campaigns

Companies like BP, the owner of Tinder, or Grifols are already suffering pressure from activist funds this year, which in 2023 launched a record number of campaigns. 12 February 2024 Activist Investors Step Up Campaigns

Ana Medina of Expansion pens an article on shareholder activism where SquareWell’s latest study, Activism Goes BIG, got referenced.

Activist investors are intensifying their efforts in 2024, targeting major corporations such as BP, Grifols, etc. The trend follows a surge in activist campaigns in 2023, with record numbers globally. London hedge fund Bluebell urges BP to reconsider its commitment to reducing oil and gas production, while Elliott Investment Management eyes strategic moves to enhance Match Group’s stock value. Similarly, Grifols faces challenges after an adverse report from investment fund Gotham City Research.

Experts anticipate heightened activism in the coming months, particularly targeting European companies, based on a survey by Skadden Arps and Activistmonitor. Last year saw a record 252 new campaigns globally, surpassing pre-pandemic levels. North American giants like Salesforce and Walt Disney faced multiple activist attacks, while figures like Carl Icahn stirred controversy with aggressive campaigns.

Europe and the Asia-Pacific region also experienced heightened activism, notably in the UK and Japan. European companies like Shell, Airbus, and Glencore faced scrutiny, with Spain’s Cellnex Telecom attracting attention from Chris Hohn’s TCI fund.

The surge in activist campaigns underscores a shifting landscape where investors wield increasing influence over corporate decision-making, signaling potential changes in management, asset segregation, or valuation strategies for targeted companies.

The full article can be accessed here (in Spanish, subscription required).


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