Investors Develop Their Own ESG Ratings

The Growing Importance of Sustainability and Governance in Investment Decisions Leads Asset Managers to Create Their Own Data Methodology. 24 October 2022 Investors Develop Their Own ESG Ratings

Ana Medina of Expansion covers SquareWell’s latest “The Playing Field” study. Responsible investment, which takes into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria in portfolio management, has gone from being a niche market to becoming the norm. Asset managers dedicate specific teams to an investment that exceeded 35 trillion dollars in 2021 and that, according to experts at Bloomberg Intelligence, will exceed the psychological barrier of 50 trillion in 2025.

SquareWell Partners, an advisory firm that advises on governance, investor relations and shareholder activism, has published its annual study that analyzes how the 50 largest asset managers in the world (with more than $75 trillion in AUM) evaluate sustainability and integrate ESG criteria into their investment policies, challenging the companies that make up their portfolios.

The full article can be accessed here (in Spanish).


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