Get Investor Buy-in for your Long-Term Strategy

Board members face increasing pressure to justify their role as good stewards of the business they oversee. 22 November 2018 Get Investor Buy-in for your Long-Term Strategy

One of our partners, Ali Saribas, wrote an article for IR Magazine to highlight that the current playing field for companies is becoming an increasingly complex environment in which to operate; potentially leading to a loss of focus on issues that matter to the business.

Fundamentally, companies exist to make a profit and investors provide capital to companies in order to earn a return. Within this reality, as also encouraged by the recently revised UK Corporate Governance Code and the British Academy’s ‘Future of the Corporation’ project, companies should be cognizant of the broader impact their businesses may have on their stakeholders when deliberating their strategy and defining their corporate purpose.

There are countless examples across the globe where boards have lost their credibility in the face of challenges from their long-term shareholders. This suggests to us that companies need to upskill their engagements with investors and strategically build long-term relationships through discussion of long-term strategic issues. Investor buy-in to your long-term strategy, either through engagement or a shareholder vote on your strategic plan – like at Atos in France – will prove beneficial at a time of crisis or when an activist is snooping around your shareholder base to look for potential allies.

You can access the full article here.


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