FT - Asset Managers’ View of Activists Change

Partner Ali Saribas comments to FT's Attracta Mooney on the key takeaways of SquareWell's Activism Survey 05 July 2019 FT - Asset Managers’ View of Activists Change

Attracta Mooney from Financial Times covers SquareWell’s Activism Survey which polled asset managers pursuing mainly an “active” strategy, managing a total of $10.4 trillion, to determine their views and approach to Shareholder Activism.

SquareWell focused solely on investors pursuing an active investment strategy in light of what appears to be their increasing comfort in being vocal against their investments in M&A situations as well as nominating board members in situations where they may disagree with the strategic direction of the company. The survey confirms that activism is becoming more a behaviour than a strategy.

“Before, investors were less comfortable with speaking with activists but now they are more willing. There is an understanding that activism is broadly not a bad thing,” comments Partner Ali Saribas to FT’s Attracta Mooney.

The full article can be accessed here (subscription required).


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