Proposed ‘ESG-skeptic’ Policy From ISS is ‘Telling’, Says Consultancy

Early data on 2024 points to ‘significant’ drop in proposals 27 March 2024  Proposed ‘ESG-skeptic’ Policy From ISS is ‘Telling’, Says Consultancy

Garnet Roach recently penned an article that referenced SquareWell’s latest Insight called “What Do Shareholders Propose?”.

Carmen Ng of SquareWell Partners spoke with Garnet where she highlighted the nuances in investor support for “ESG” proposals, particularly noting the higher inclination of European investors towards environmental and social initiatives compared to their U.S. counterparts. She points out the significance of engaging European investors on ESG-related matters, especially on climate, biodiversity, and social issues. Ng also addresses the recent development of an ‘ESG-skeptic’ policy by ISS, emphasizing the impact of proxy advisors like ISS and Glass Lewis on shareholder support for proposals. She cautions against misinterpreting the decline in shareholder proposals on “ESG” topics, urging companies to recognize the evolving sophistication of investors in assessing sustainability efforts.

You can access the article here.


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