Investors Want Concrete Commitments

Seven SBF 120 (France) Companies Include Corporate Purpose in their Statutes. 29 May 2020 Investors Want Concrete Commitments

Laurence Boisseau of Les Echos covers SquareWell Partners’s latest Insight “Making Corporate Purpose Tangible” in an article that explores Corporate Purpose in France. Even before the adoption of the PACTE law in France, several large listed groups, such as Atos and Carrefour had anchored their corporate purpose in their statutes. This year, five more SBF 120 companies have included their corporate purpose in their statutes: Icade, EDF, Engie, ADP, Orange, and GTT. Others will follow: Wordline, whose general assembly is held on June 12, then Française des Jeux (FdJ), on June 18. So far, these resolutions have always been adopted in general meetings, with scores above 99%. The article interviews two investors, Comgest and La Banque Postale Asset Management, on corporate purpose.

You can access the full article here (in French).


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