More and More Companies are Delaying their General Assembly

Louis Barbier comments to Les Echos on COVID-19 and its impact on the French market 26 March 2020 More and More Companies are Delaying their General Assembly

The list of large listed groups which postpone their general meetings to the end of June is growing day by day. Louis Barbier, founding partner of the consultancy firm SquareWell Partners comments that the companies postponing their meetings is “linked to the desire to actively involve its shareholders, to give themselves time to reflect in order to adjust the dividend in view of the still uncertain economic impacts of the epidemic”.

The article questions where the 2020 General Meeting season will be quieter than that of 2019 due to the exceptional circumstances that require confinement? For the moment, activists are not hesitating to step up. For the second year in a row, CIAM is putting pressure on SCOR SE, whom it accuses of having advanced its General Assembly by 15 days, therefore demands a postponement of the General Meeting, and declares that it will vote against the resolutions related to the compensation of Denis Kessler, its CEO/Chairman.

You can access the article using the following link (in French, subscription required).


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