Mayer Brown - Corporate Governance Seminar

Louis Barbier joined a discussion hosted by Mayer Brown to discuss governance of listed companies. 18 January 2019 Mayer Brown - Corporate Governance Seminar

Mayer Brown Paris, in partnership with SquareWell Partners and Prof. Bertrand Fages, welcomed at its offices approximately thirty guests to a seminar on the governance of listed companies. At this seminar, Bertrand Fages (Professor at L’Ecole de Droit de la Sorbonne), Louis Barbier (Partner at SquareWell Partners), as well as Arnaud Peres, Jean Francois Louit and Caroline Lan (Partners at Mayer Brown) discussed the following topics:
  • Major changes to anticipate under the Pact Law,
  • Key takeaways from recent governance crises; and
  • Evolving shareholder expectations of companies’ governance practices and disclosures.


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